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Each year we identify thousands of children by name and work hard to purchase gifts suitable for each individual child.  We accomplish our goals through our holiday tree program and through contributions from our supporters. With your contributions we buy specific gifts for specific children who would otherwise go without.  In order to make a contribution, please click here


  In our early years we dedicated our efforts to servicing homeless children during the Christmas and Hanukkah holiday season.  As the years passed, the number of children we identified and were able to service expanded into the thousands throughout New Jersey almost overnight.  Since then, our programs have expanded to include the handicapped as well as other needy children throughout the state. 

      Because the mission of Holidays for the Homeless has expanded over the years, the Board of Directors voted to change our name to Holidays for the Homeless and Underprivileged.  We believe that this name more accurately reflects our current mission and the programs that we seek to accomplish. 

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